The course material is taken from the official learnership programme of the Forest Industries SETA (now incorporated within the Fibre Processing & Manufacturing or FPM SETA) and is adapted to suit this short course. It prepares students to either go on a learnership, or to be skilled enough to seek entry level employment in the woodwork and cabinetry industry. The theory and practical projects prepare students to become employees as well as equip them to become self-employed.

Course Outline

  • Perform breakout operations
  • Produce basic hand-crafted furniture
  • Produce machine sanded timber and board product components and products
  • Produce planed timber product components and products
  • Produce sawn timber and board product components and products
  • Produce straight laminated timber and board components
  • Apply health and safety standards to a work area
  • Comply with good housekeeping practices
  • Read and interpret basic engineering drawings

    LtE Business Essentials Course
Offered: Khayelitsha only 
Instructor: Herman van Boom
Entry Requirements:    Grade 10
Course Duration: 19 weeks full time 
Times: 08h30-16h30 Monday-Thursday
08h30-15h30 Friday
Cost to student: R850 (2 x payments of R300 & 1 x payment of R250
and R200 non-refundable course registraion fee
Cost to Learn to Earn: R30 600 to train one person
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The course is accredited by the FPM SETA as NQF Level 2