How we can help you achieve your B-BBEE scorecard points


In line with the revised B-BBEE criteria, Learn to Earn's projects offer a number of mutually beneficial partnership opportunities. Other LtE business synergies

Your company's B-BBEE element

Summarised explanation
(amended codes)

Maximun points
(amended codes)
Potential synergy with Learn to Earn
Ownership Company's ownership structure and/or participation (including voting rights and economic interests) in a board-based ownership scheme.  25
Broad-based shareholding options available from 2016. In 2015, LtE has commenced a restructuring process to register the organisation as part of a broad-based Trust, with the same NPO PBO status as until now. The Trust representation (ito race & gender) structure, exceeds the prescribed minimums. The Learn to Earn Trust (IT) number was finalized at the end of July 2016, with various ownership solutions available to your company. Going forward, all income generating projects within Learn to Earn will be incorporated under Learn to Earn Development Enterprise (Pty) Ltd, Level 1 Enterprise Development company (100% owned by the broad-based Learn to Earn Trust).
Examples of possible application: if a measured entity transfers (for example) 10% of their shares to Learn to Earn Development Enterprise (Pty) Ltd, they will receive recognition for these transferred shares on all of the sub-elements of Ownership. 
Skills Development Training of own staff AND/OR training and subsequent placement of (unemployed) targeted beneficiaries
20 + 5 bonus points (priority element)

Expenditure: estimated as total 6% of payroll (skills levies) 
LtE is an accredited training organisation meeting all relevant requirements with the FP&M SETA. LtE’s Woodwork course is NQF Level 2 accredited and the Ground UP Barista training is accredited by Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Majority of other LtE’s training interventions are short skills courses, geared to get the unemployed person economically active in a short space of time. When training is offered in a commercial setting, the already employed, entry-level employee is given an opportunity to improve their skill set. Most of LtE’s programmes are not accredited by SAQA or aligned to any unit standards.
Examples of possible application: through contributing towards the skills training for the unemployed, formal & informal training scorecard requirements can be met, together with training offered to selected own/existing employees (as relevant). Additional points available for training and subsequent employment of previously unemployed people, as per target specific EAP demographic requirements. 
Enterprise and Supplier Development
Developing black-owned businesses (empowering suppliers) with the end objective of bringing them into the company’s supply chain. 
Contribution can consist of both monetary or non-monetary contributions.
40 + 4 bonus points (priority element)
LtE is well-positioned both now and into the future, to assist your company to contribute towards the revised BBBEE scorecard (Enterprise & Supplier Development) requirements.
Traditionally, LtE was a registered 3rd party facilitator of Enterprise Development, which since 2010 has successfully mentored a number of black owned businesses (Category A Enterprise Development beneficiaries).
From 2017, all income generating trading projects within Learn to Earn are incorporated under Learn to Earn Development Enterprise (Pty) Ltd, an Enterprise Development company (100% Black owned and 33% Black female owned). This BBBEE Level 1 Black owned QSE qualifies as both Enterprise and Supplier Development beneficiary, offering a wide range of products and services including Ground UP Business (corporate & mobile coffee solutions), Zakhele Manufacturing & Design sewing co-operative and the Fashion for Change retail project. A separate legal opinion by AQRate verifying the company structure is available upon request, together with a sworn affidavit.
Any expenditure on products or services from Learn to Earn Development Enterprise (Pty) Ltd will also be recognized as Preferential Procurement (135% of amount recognized). The Measured Entity can also expect further enhanced recognition if it is the first time that they are procuring goods or services and if they sign a 3 year contract. 
Socio-Economic Development Monetary or non-monetary contributions to NPO's facilitating income generating activites for targeted beneficiaries

Tax deductible contribution (as per Section 18A of the Income Tax Act) to LtE's training programmes for the unemplyed across range of market-relevant courses

Management Control Employment equity representation within your company’s board /management levels 15 + 4 bonus points LtE’s integrated occupational training programme can equip already employed individuals, and ensure that their skills-set improves to enable upward mobility within the Measured Entity, thus progressing from unskilled or semi-skilled, to skilled employees.  


In summary: partnership with Learn to Earn can provide your company with a comprehensive, simple and meaningful way of improving the company's B-BBEE scorecard. Please seek advice from a qualified B-BBEE consultant, to ensure that maximum points are achieved by your company within its industry sector. We work with a number of consultancies but are also happy to engage with the consultant of your choice. Learn to Earn's beneficiary base is audited once a year by a reputable verification agency. 

For more info or to discuss your company's specific requirements, contact Aleks Jablonska (Resource & partnership development) on 021 671 2230.

Typical donations (SED or ED) procedure:
Please reference each transaction accordingly (name of the company + the purpose of donation (SED or ED). An official thank you letter / receipt will be issued within a month of the donation received, together with a B-BBEE (beneficiary confirmation) letter. Tax certificates are usually issued after the end of financial year in which the donation was made.

Banking details:
Account name: Learn to Earn
Bank: ABSA
Branch Code: 632005 (Main Road, Plumstead)
Account number: 450 151 424
Swift code: ABSA ZAJJ

NPO Certificate - Number 005-073
PBO Number - 930065993