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Here is a link to the presentation given to Wynberg Rotary in 2016 on Learn to Earn and Social Enterprise.


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Relevant, dynamic, sustainable are watch words which Learn to Earn looks to operate under
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 Ground UP - hope in every cup

One of the privileges of being a part of LtE is witnessing... read more

"Everything begins with the Lord..."

Douglas Fisher, who founded the Baptist Training Project (which became Learn to Earn in 1995) started his more

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Integration and Purpose

Reflections from the 2013 staff retreat. What do a karaoke Xbox singing competition, Paul's letter to the Ephesians, a ... read more

Cycling for Learn to Earn

 The first quarter of 2103 was full of all kinds of cycling-with-a-purpose activity… read more

Indlala Iphelile – Poverty is Over!

This edition is about journeys – the journeys of our students and graduates and the journeys of LtE’s various departments. read more

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tfg 3rd year celebration

In May, The Feel Good Store celebrated its third birthday – we spoke to some customers about their experience at the store... read more 

Bake for Profit

The revival of the Bake for Profit Course in May 2011 has, so far proved an opportunity for 60 students to start and grow… read more 

Learn to Earn Hermanus in the spotlight

Who am I – that the Lord of all the earth would care to know my name? The opening lines of this Casting Crowns’ … read more 

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LtE Graphic Design Course –
bridging the gap 3rd year running

My journey with Learn to Earn started in April 2010 when I took over the Graphic Design class from Julia Baker.… read more

TFG: a Year in Review –
Looking Back to Push Forward!

Recent publications praise the success of this unique partnership between Learn to Earn and The Foschini Group as “Pioneering CSI”, “Agents for Change” more

20th Year Celebrations

The two weeks allocated in March 2009 for Learn to Earn’s 20th anniversary celebrations were a whirlwind of activities, preceded by months of planning and preparation… read more