The Learn to Earn Retail PROJECT – an innovative social enterprise aimed at equipping unemployed South Africans with practical skills and experience to secure a job and a successful career in the retail industry. 

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The training programme is based on a retail supply chain business model consisting of 3 functional departments
Garment Repair


Twice a year trainees are recruited into one of the departments and provided with classroom and on-the-job training in the department’s respective skills area. With the aid of one-on-one coaching and mentoring trainees have the opportunity to daily perform and practice the respective skills.  Proceeds generated from sales across the two Project stores are fed back into the PROJECT to grow and sustain the programme.


Upon successful completion of the 6-month training programme trainees are further afforded the opportunity to undertake a 6-8 week internship with an organisation whose core or part of its core business is related to the skills trained within the LtE Retail PROJECT.


The ultimate goal of the LtE Retail PROJECT is to enable trainees to become economically active upon graduating from the training programme. However, the journey does not end at graduation, we endeavour to place the newly skilled graduates into employment opportunities that will continue to grow their skill, add to their work experience and open doors to a sustainable career.


The Learn to Earn Retail PROJECT Stores can be found at:
THE Claremont STORE - Ralph Street, Claremont, Cape Town (+27 21 671 7392)
THE Bellville STORE - Shop 3 & 4, SARS Building, Teddington Road, Bellville, Cape Town (+27 21 949 8328)


STORE hours
Monday - Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday: 8.30am – 1pm

THE Learn to Earn Retail PROJECT Admin Office can be contacted on +27 21 363 4374