The Ground UP Barista Academy is certified to provide coffee and barista training by The Speciality Coffee Association, a non-profit organisation that represents thousands of coffee professionals, from producers to baristas all over the world.
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Coffee Diploma System
On offer is a range of accredited modules that form part of the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) Coffee Diploma System (CDS). Coffee is a huge industry offering many and varied career opportunities, and the CDS allows people to choose the educational path that most suits their needs.
Six different modules exist in different disciples, each with 3 levels of qualifications. Foundation, Intermediate and Professional (Introduction to Coffee is one level).  For every module you gain points for each qualification taken, and when you have achieved 100 points you will be awarded your overall diploma. It’s your choice on the modules you take to get your 100 point. 
The Ground UP Barista Academy offers training in Introduction to Coffee, Barista Skills and Brewing
  Basic Info Length of Course

Introduction to Coffee 
10 points

The starting module of the Coffee Diploma System, for those with an interested in coffee or starting on their coffee career 1 day 

5 points

Suitable for beginners to gain an insight into key skills in a new area. 1 day 

10 points

Suitable for those working in the area already wanting to consolidate their key skills 2 days

25 points

Suitable for those who have worked in the areas for some time and want to push their knowledge and skills to a high level

3 days


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