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Currently there are five members of the Learn to Earn Association. Fisantékraal Centre for Development, The Message and Phambili ngeThemba are located in Cape Town, Western Cape. GetOn Skills Development Centre in Pretoria, Gauteng and Ethembeni based in Mpophomeni, Howick, KwaZulu-Natal.

'Our affiliation with LtE has been the most significant and vital contributor to the progress we have made as an organisation over the last few years. Their collective wisdom and generous spirit, have enabled us to navigate through the usual birth pains of a new organisation with faith and confidence.'
Fisantekraal Centre for Development ~Grant Hopkins

'LtE and Ethembeni is truly a partnership of hope because the key fruit of each person equipped to run their own business is hope. Hope lasts especially because it is embedded in all of the LtE programs and is modelled by the leaders of LtE who "walk in hope" that everyone has the potential to run their own business. Therefore Ethembeni has hope that we will empower 50 people in 2012 to begin a new journey of discovering all God intends for them as dignified people of value.'
Ethembeni ~ Grant Edkins

'On behalf of GetOn I would like to commend Learn to Earn for the out standing job, managing GetOn Skills Development Centre, making our organisation more effective, efficient and sustainable. Through the team's hard work and dedication, GetOn has increased the number of beneficiaries, and has systems/policies in place to guide us in to the right direction. Learn to Earn has been a valuable support, mentoring function that supports the philosophy of "complete don't compete" as we are all working towards the same goal, empowering people for life.'
GetOn Skills Development Centre ~ Brenton Cryer

'The Message Trust saw value in what Learn to Earn was accomplishing with the unemployed – we chose to become a member of the Association to grow and learn as an organisation working in innovative contexts; we also have a preference for collaborating with other like-minded organisations. Through the support of the Learn to Earn Association we have been able to strengthen or entrepreneurship programme in prisons and develop enterprises that will help ex-offenders find employment. We look forward to learning and growing the LtE Association as we collectively seek to raise oaks of righteousness and eradicate unemployment.'
The Message Trust ~ Tim Tucker (CE) & Mark Slessenger (CO)