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LtE Association collaboration and benefits

Because of Learn to Earn's reputation as an organisation that makes life changing interventions in unemployed people through skills training, job creation and enterprise development we receive many requests to start an LtE Branch in various areas of South Africa. These requests have resulted largely due to our focused approach of effectively applying and living out development principles within Learn to Earn.

We believe that through the Learn to Earn Association, the importance of holistic human development principles, if understood and implemented, will contribute to the eradication of poverty, facilitation of job creation and the ensuring of sustainable economic development of unemployed people and local communities.

The Association creates a vehicle for accountability within the NPO sector that has real significance and impact, ensuring that a high standard of implementation and outcomes is maintained. Our Association model guarantees that the initiative remains with the member organisations and groups in the communities they serve, as they remain autonomous but receive wider support from the Association on implementation and delivery.


collab1Participants in the 1st LtE Association Workshop held at Learn to Earn Khayelitsha


Being a member of the LtE Association, you have the following at your fingertips:

  • Ongoing support in setting-up the project as well as Research & Evaluation tools
  • Training expertise will be available to assist member organisations with curriculum and trainer development
  • Access to Learn to Earn training material and manuals.
  • Association with an organisation with a track record of over 20 years and a reputation of excellent implementation
  • Mentoring and support – 3 hours per month
  • Fundraising support and guidance on developing strategies
  • Annual workshop addressing relevant issues and identifying new trends which impact NPOs.
  • The sharing of intellectual capital and experience at the annual workshop
  • Introduction of specialist partners for the benefit of the members.
  • Business Resource Centre infrastructure support providing access to markets and product knowledge.

Our approach is to have independent organisations replicating the LtE approach with our assistance. This replication is done on a similar basis to that of a “business franchise model” with significant variations that are determined by context and circumstance.

The need for this approach is indicative in the number of unsolicited requests we receive every month for practical assistance from organisations who are starting up or are already in existence but have failed to make an impact on the unemployment and poverty situations in their community.


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Graduates from the Fisantékraal Centre for Development       Graduates from GetOn Skills Development Centre


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